Our entire range of ales can be enjoyed by vegans and vegetarians

This is good news not just for Veggies and Vegans. Not just for the sturgeon fish whose swim bladders are processed into a product called ‘isinglass’ which fines beer. It’s good news for everyone who enjoys ale because they like it full of its natural flavours, textures and aromas.
Our ales are lovingly created, conditioned and served. The last thing we want to add to it is a product that masks its natural qualities so that you can see your fingerprints through the glass!

Why do so many breweries fine their beer?

Partly because so many breweries do. The nearest similar Breweries to the best of our knowledge are Manchester and York.
Finings allow brewers to produce large quantities of standardised beer that they can distribute widely, it then masks a potential multitude of sins at the service end.

Don’t drink with your eyes!

The only way to tell if a pint is off is by the taste and smell. There are many poor pints out there with awful flavours and gut-wrenching smells that are crystal clear.

You wouldn’t send a Hefferveisen beer back, or a Somerset Scrumpy Cider because it was cloudy. A natural haze in a drink is widely recognised as an indication of a high-quality product. We always welcome your feedback and thoughts. If you have any comments or questions send us an email or drop in for a pint and leave a message.