The Borough Brewery is the creation of Hannah and Martin Horner and Rory Walker. A project born out of a passion for quality beer. We have four core beers brewed throughout the year as well as a variety of reoccouring specials and there is always new additions.

To produce our range we combine the highest quality ingredients and a genuine love of beer, and we think we do it pretty damn well too! Don’t just take our word for it though, our beer has won a massive 7 industry awards so far already, and we are nowhere near done. As if that wasn’t enough, Rory has even won the Campaign for Real Ale award for Outstanding Services to Real Ale award – an honour only given out four times within the last 15 years.

As of Autumn 2017, we have produced over 300,000 pints and counting. We are excited to see where our beer journey takes us, and are grateful for all the support we’ve had so far.

Our History

The Borough Brewery is owned and operated by Hannah and Martin Horner and Rory Walker. A curious beer lover, Rory started experimenting with brewing casually, using trial and error to try and figure out what worked. As time went on his passion for brewing grew, and Rory started to develop his knack for creating quality flavoursome beer in friends kitchens around Lancaster.

In 2012 Hannah suggested going into business together with Rory, whilst he was working as a member of staff at The Borough. This was where it all started, and the decision that enabled Rory’s dream of turning a passion into a trade became reality. For Hannah and Martin it was another great opportunity to continue providing the highest quality local produce… from the cellar of their pub.

By the Autumn of 2013 the beginning of the brewery had arrived, capable of brewing 2.5 barrels or 720 pints. This was fine at first where the brewery was producing around 20 casks each week, but demand quickly outstripped supply and expansion became essential. In may of 2016, the brewery acquired a new home on Brook Street in Lancaster. It was previously being used as a car garage, and required a complete renovation. Many cups of tea and a huge amount of graft later, the first pint from Brook street was produced in August that year.

More recently, we’ve had to increase the scale of our operations again. In January 2017, an 8BBL brewery was installed into the Brook Street brewhouse, with the capacity to brew 35 casks (or 2300 pints) per brew. Since then, in the summer of 2017 The Borough Brewery launched a small range of kegged products with an IPA and a Lager.