The Brewery – created from a DIY passion for beer

The Borough Brewery is owned and operated by Hannah and Martin Horner and Rory Walker.

Rory developed his knack for brewing by trial and error with friends home brewing in kitchens around Lancaster.

During 2012 whilst working as a member of bar staff at The Borough, Hannah suggested going into business together. Rory’s dream of turning a passion into a trade became reality. For Hannah and Martin it was another great ethos at The Borough to always provide high quality local produce, so having a brewery on the premises was exciting for them.

By Autumn of 2013 the 2.5 barrel (720 pints) brewery was in place and the recipe development complete. For the first few years the brewery was making twenty casks each week but demand quickly outstripped supply.

In May 2016, the brewery acquired a new home on Brook Street in Lancaster. Previously a car garage, the building needed complete renovation. After a lot of graft the first pint from Brook Street was produced in August that year.

In January 2017 the operation increased in scale again, with an 8BBL brewery being installed into the brewhouse at Brook Street with the capacity to brew 35 casks (or 2300 pints) per brew.

In the Summer of 2017, The Borough Brewery launched a small range of kegged products with an IPA and a Lager. Rory remains excited and committed to real ale in cask, but also enjoys developing new products and exploring new styles.

As of Autumn 2017 The Borough Brewery will have produced 300,000 pints and counting! The beer has won 7 industry awards and continues to be enjoyed by people near and far.