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A ‘Bitter bout’ us

brewery awardIt’s nearly 3 years and over a dozen beer festivals and more then 56,000 pints since the Borough Brewery first opened for business in Autumn 2013.

We now have eight pumps on at the Borough, up from three. The first of which was FestivAle brewed especially for the Morecambe Beer Festival 2014.

Our beer is always available fresh from the brewery in The Borough, but can also regularly be found on the hand pumps in the The Snug and The Gregson.

The core range, including the seasonal dark, and specials are always available for sale to trade and individuals. – We now have an outside bar, so get in touch if you’d like our beer at your special occasion.

The Brewery

The brew house is located in the cellar of The Borough directly under the bar area. We have two fermentation vessels each holding around 720 pints. Brew days are Monday and Tuesday and it is well worth coming for a pint on those afternoons to take in the aromas emanating from the cellar.

The Beers


Pale 3.7%

Available all year

A distinctive citrus flavour and crisp finish are created by an epic hop combination of Chinook and Cascade. The prestigious Golden Promise pale malt provides the body and a generous wallop of Cara malt adds a wonderful blonde colour.


Bitter 4%

Available all year

A well balanced malty ale with a delicate floral aroma. The bittering hop First Gold has been reigned in slightly, to allow the palate space to enjoy a good amount of Crystal and Cara malts with Maris Otter as a pale malt. Finished with Saaz, a delicate floral hop.

wintertime dark

Wintertime Dark 5%

Available November to February

Six different types of malt are used to create a notable depth of flavour. Maris Otter is used as the base malt followed by Munich malt, Chocolate malt, Black malt, Roast Barley and Flaked Barley. Single hopped with UK Fuggles giving an earthy nose which adds to the already robust flavour. A Substantial Stout.

summertime dark

Summertime Dark 4%

Available March to October

Heavy enough to satisfy, light enough to have another. This beer has all the depth of flavour and chompy-ness expected from dark beer drinkers regardless of the season. Brewed with the same ingredients as the Wintertime Dark, just a slightly reduced grain bill, making it perfect for a Summertime session.

Get in touch

We always welcome your feedback and thoughts. If you have any comments or questions email: or drop in for a pint and leave a message.

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